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What to do if you were in a car accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be very frightening. Any time you are involved in a car accident, please follow the steps below to ensure your safety is prioritized and your rights are protected:

  1. Make sure everyone is okay
    • Check to make sure that any and all passengers are safe
    • Check the other vehicle to see if everyone is okay
  2. If someone is hurt, CALL 911
    • The police will help document the accident, get witness statements and facilitate an exchange of information
    • Obtain the police report number and the name of the department that appeared on the scene of the accident
  3. If you can do it safely, move your vehicle to the side of the road
    • If you cannot do this safely, it is preferable that you stay in your vehicle and do not move it.
    • This will help avoid delay, any further collisions and will help calm you down.
  4. Take Photos
    • Of the property damage to all of the vehicles involved
    • The area of the collision
  5. Exchange the following information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Number
    • Insurance Company
    • Insurance Policy Number
    • Vehicle Make, Model and Year
    • License Plate Number
  6. Write down the following information:
    • Location of the collision
    • Date and time of the collision
    • Description of the incident
  7. Do NOT:
    • Tell anyone that it was your fault. That is not your job.
    • Be angry. Try to stay calm and follow the instructions above.
  8. Seek Medical Attention
    • The body’s ability to feel pain decreases as a result of adrenaline. For this reason, the pain of a car accident could develop at some point in the future.
    • It is important that you seek medical attention even though your symptoms have not yet developed. You will want to make an appointment just in case pain later develops and your are stuck without an appointment for help.
  9. Contact an Attorney
    • Statistics show that people who try to handle their own claims without the help of an attorney get a significantly smaller recovery amount from insurance companies. Insurance companies are not your friends, they are businesses trying to maximize profits and minimize liabilities.

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